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The Training Plan

“I got suckered into this!” That was my words when I hit the “register now button” on the New Orleans Half ironman event website. Coming up in April, I get the honor of performing my lil sister’s wedding in New Orleans.  It’s going to be an AMAZING party!  I was talking to my cousin Jason […]

“Fat and Sassy” My Story

I grew up in south Louisiana just outside of New Orleans living the “Fried Life” as I call it.  My family set me on a path that was not the healthiest pattern of eating and living. I developed patterns that effected me later in life that caused me to slowly gain weight.  I wasn’t the […]

5 reasons I am coaching for Fit Pastors

Just recently I partnered with Ricky and Amy Van Pay who have launched a program that will help pastors and other leaders get on a path to wellness and physical fitness called Fit Pastors. I am one of the coaches that will be challenging and helping leaders along their wellness path.  Here are the top […]