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The word pause has a very simple definition according to an online search…  “A temporary stop in action or speech.”  As I have tried to “label” this season in our lives, I have landed on this word.  PAUSE… A season of Pause!  We have simply hit the pause button for a moment to recalibrate, refresh […]

The Perfect Church Planter

I received a text from a friend the other day that described the “Perfect Church Planter.” When I first read the text I laughed out loud because, what qualities actually determine the “Perfect Church Planter?” My friend’s text had a list of qualities given from the perspective of a seminary professor. It was the professor’s idea […]

Just Set the Table

After two years of Master’s Commission and four years of Bible College, I remember sitting in my office as a youth pastor years ago wondering if God had made a mistake. Why did He choose me? What in the world should I do? How am I supposed to lead this group of students? I remember doing […]

5 Challenging Statements

As a church planter I meet with our leadership team as a whole once a month as well as one on one meetings throughout the month to hear their heart and spend some time dreaming.  Recently I challenged our leaders at one of our point team meetings with 5 statements and questions that I believe […]


Yesterday I had a severe allergic reaction to one of my allergy shots.  Things escalated pretty quickly.  I injected my allergy shot just as I have for the past 5 months and no reaction, just like normal. I dropped Mason off at school and decided to swing by the house before i headed out to […]