The word pause has a very simple definition according to an online search…  “A temporary stop in action or speech.”  As I have tried to “label” this season in our lives, I have landed on this word.  PAUSE… A season of Pause!  We have simply hit the pause button for a moment to recalibrate, refresh and refocus on what is in store for our family and ministry in the years to come.

As many of you already know, we stepped down from the Lead Pastor role of Connection Church in June and transitioned the church to Pastor Chad and Stephanie Graham who are doing an incredible job leading and growing the people of Highlands Ranch.

Over these last 3 months I’ve come to truly realize my role was simply to start and plant Connection and Chad’s role is to move Connection forward.  This was God’s design from the start.  We each play a role in God’s great big plan, a vital piece of the puzzle that in the moment we may not realize its ultimate importance.

I am reminded of the famous scripture Psalms 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”…  I KNOW He is God but its the being STILL part that we miss most often.

How long will this “Pause” last?  Will I do “Ministry” during this pause? How will we survive? Why did we move to Fairhope? Will we ever come back to Colorado? Why is being still so hard?   Honestly I do not have answers to most of these questions just yet.  I am truly trying to be led by the nudges of God and the opportunities that are presented before me and my family.

I have enjoyed spending uninterrupted time with Amy and the boys.  I have enjoyed visiting my family in New Orleans as often as we have.  We have enjoyed the beach and this great city of Fairhope.  We have made new friends and reestablished old friendships here already.  All in all this season of Pause has been just that…  a Temporary stop to seek God, to BE STILL and just KNOW.

Let’s all take a moment today and just……………… PAUSE….