We live in a society that praises money. We all have bills and debts to be paid and somewhere along the way we try and save, so that one day, we can break the cycle.

Money is a scary word to most people because of the overwhelming pressure to have as much as possible. Between life, family, jobs, and whatever else we manage to squeeze in, this life can get so over bearing to the point it would seem easier just to quit and move on.

On top of money to balance, we have family that looks up to us to provide and to make this life enjoyable. In all this commotion of life “Fun” is not a word that sometimes fits in to our busy schedule. Fun is just another idea that you hope to one day achieve. Wait a minute though, Fun is what its all about.

The question is: Can we balance all this life, family, money and fun into one day. I believe we can, but some of us make our lives too busy. We all need to just take a moment to sit and enjoy the day the Lord has given. I know that sounds a lot easier said than done.

I encourage you; make a plan to have fun. Gifts will go bad or out of style. But the memories you make in this time will be remembered. Sit with your spouse in your favorite coffee place and just talk. Maybe you and a friend walk could walk around the mall and try one thing form every dessert place you can find. Make today fun. Make today exciting.

Matthew 11:28-30 says, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest…” This year make sure to run to the Lord with your family, with your finances and with your fun. He wishes you an enjoyable life but it is up to you to accept that rest that only he can provide.