In December, we went through the series called “Casting Christmas” at Connection Church.

Shawn asked us to reflect at the end of the sermon by asking:

Which character do you identify with?

Good Reputation like the prophets
Faith like Mary
Trust like Joseph
Patience like Simeon
Resilience like Anna
Proclaiming like the Angels
Watching like the Shepherds
Present in the moment like the Animals
No Room for Jesus like the Inn Keeper
Prideful like Caesar Augustus
Vengeful like King Herod

It takes some introspection to figure out which one of these characters I identify with the most. And it is not me who is like positive characters, but it is the work of the Holy Spirit inside of me who has developed these characteristics in me…but I do a good job of being prideful on my own!

Maybe another question we can ask ourselves is, “Which of these characters would you LIKE to identify with more?”

If you reflect on each character’s role in the story, even if it is a short time scene like Anna or Simeon, you can still see how the character trait is displayed. Though, it has taken years for that trait to be developed.

What do you want the Holy Spirit to develop in you during 2015? Write it down and put that paper in a place where you will see it daily. Ask God to work in you! He will answer.