During the past three weeks we have been in a sermon series called “The Family Table”. This series has yielded some great feedback. The entire idea behind the series is to define the “seats” or the roles of each family member as seen in Scripture. God has specific designs for the man, the woman, the children, and the family unit. You can click here to listen to the past three messages.

If we take the time to have a discussion with our family and answer the 5 questions below, we will make great progress and lasting change in our families.

  1. Am I telling myself the facts or am I just lying to myself? Sometimes it is easier to ignore a problem instead of deal with it. In the long run, it is never the solution. Honesty is tough and brutal sometimes, but completely necessary if there is going to be peace in the home.
  1. How can I respond better? Reactions often stir up a fire instead of quenching it. Your response in the moment can either light the fuse or disarm the bomb. What will you do with your words? Will you use them to build up those around you or to tear them down?
  1. What outside forces am I allowing to influence my emotions? So much in this life drives us. Work, your boss, stress, traffic… Are you allowing these things to dictate the temperature in your home? Before you walk in the door from work, try to take a deep breath and ask the Lord to help you let the day’s problems stay at the door. Walk in and simply be present!
  1. What would you change if you knew you only had 30 days to live? Not to be morbid but why wait until your deathbed to say the things you need to say? Change starts with a decision to make things different. Get a clear picture of what you want your family to look like, and then work everyday on moving closer to that picture. The process is simple. Eliminate everything that is not in that picture and lead your family to change… NOW!
  1. What can I do today to add value to my family? Start small. Get your wife her favorite Starbucks drink. Take your son to the Lego store. Bring your daughter to get a pedicure. Perhaps you could simply take them for a bike ride or go play at the park. Do you know how to spell “LOVE” – “T.I.M.E.” Your time is the greatest thing that you can give to your family today.

Clear off the table full of work, cook a healthy meal, have a conversation, and ask the tough questions. Answer them honestly. The first word is always the hardest to say. So get it out there and move forward to a healthy and functional Family Table!