As a church planter I meet with our leadership team as a whole once a month as well as one on one meetings throughout the month to hear their heart and spend some time dreaming.  Recently I challenged our leaders at one of our point team meetings with 5 statements and questions that I believe we needed to face head on.  I told them these statements will not coddle us or stroke our ego but to grow as leaders and to grow as a church these statements demanding a response.

1.  Limitations are everywhere and easy to see but opportunities are waiting in every limitation.

*We will either be defined by our limitations or we will look for the opportunities within them and succeed.

2.  Do we see problems constantly or are we working hard towards creative solutions?

*Working through crisis often times brings out the greatest innovation.

3.  Are we honestly doing our absolute best for God?

*Work with a sense urgency without the panic of emergency. 

4.  We need to be inspired once again to believe for the CRAZY!

*Inspiration comes when we give God space to do the impossible.

5.  Are we making excuses or are we making things happen?

*Often times the ones who say it can’t be done are passed by the ones doing it.

Church planting has been the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life, as well as the most rewarding.  Before we launched Connection Church in Highlands Ranch, CO someone told me, “Your strengths will be tested and your weaknesses will be exposed”.  There is not a truer statement that has ever been spoken.  I am so glad God has chosen me in spite of my weaknesses and certainly not because of my strengths!

I believe the above statements transcend more that just church planting but into your life as well.  What will your response be to these statements?  The attitude in which you approach life day to day will set you up for the greatest success or the greatest failure.  The things that you do have control over is your choices and your attitude.  Proceed with Purpose!