We started out the date night with a fight!!! not the most romantic way to begin… Amy and I were given a gift card for our 10 year anniversary and we were headed to Simms Steakhouse in Denver.  Our “discussion” was not about money, or kids, or even understanding each others needs but our fight was about the greatest thing that we have… TIME.

This is always a subject that gets “talked about very loudly”… TIME… No matter who you are you only have 24 hours each day to get things done and to enjoy life.  The president of the United States, a CEO, a pro athlete, a stay at home mom or dad, a businessman or any employee, we all have the exact same time each day.

What separates the successful and the “not so successful” is how we manage that time. How we schedule and plan and prepare to make the most of each and every day dictates the outcome.

As a follower of Christ, dad, husband, church planter, triathlete in training, Fit Pastor coach, friend, and leader my schedule gets a little out of hand sometimes.  Truth is, I am in control of that schedule.  Sometimes I am the one that lets it get out of hand.  So I’m busy, does that mean I’m successful?

When people ask how are things going we tend to say a phrase that just aggravates me, “Well I have been so busy”.  As if busyness equals success.  The truth is, God’s design for us is not to go till we drop, but to step back and make the most of the TIME He has given us.  Jesus considered the lilies, went to the mountains, took boat rides, went on long hikes, climbed mountains, played with the children, and all the while, carrying out THE MOST important mission of any man to walk this earth, bringing salvation to a lost and dying people!

Our fight before our AMAZING date night was not about MORE time but simply making the most of the time.  Being present in the moment and being fully focused on the task at hand or the people you are spending time with is the goal.

Focused time, devoted time and undivided attention is what my family needs and craves, and truly that’s what God craves.  

 Ephesians 5:16 tells us to “Redeem the time” or to make the most of every opportunity!

So plan your schedule to the minute, have a busy calendar, have alarms going off all day reminding you of things, I know I do, but also STOP and keep the main thing the main thing, make the most of the moment, and be present in each and every facet of your schedule.

By the way, the date ended WAY better than it began… The best part of a fight is making up!!!!