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Yesterday I had a severe allergic reaction to one of my allergy shots.  Things escalated pretty quickly.  I injected my allergy shot just as I have for the past 5 months and no reaction, just like normal. I dropped Mason off at school and decided to swing by the house before i headed out to work and my neck began to itch and then my throat began to close and before long i was in a full blown full body reaction to my allergy shot.  I had my Epi pin out and ready to use it in case my throat closed completely.  It was a scary situation.

After the ordeal and lots of Benadryl plus a trip to the doctors office I began thinking about that word… Reaction… I had no control in that moment how or why my body reacted that way.  It reacted that way to a shot that’s main purpose is to bring help and healing.

As a church planter and father of two boys I find myself sometimes reacting to situations around me more than assessing them and responding correctly.  If we let them, things can escalate quickly, and if all we do is react to these moments we will find ourselves in scary situations. Reactions look bad.  I was swollen, red, itchy, puffy, coughing, wee-zing, and couldn’t breathe.  Reactions do not look pretty.

The Amplified Bible says in James 1:19 Understand [this], my beloved brethren. Let every man be quick to hear [a ready listener], slow to speak, slow to take offense and to get angry.

I believe what God is telling us here is to assess the situation, then respond accordingly.  Its easy to fly off the handle or make hasty and rash decisions, but we honor God when we don’t just react to our situation but we respond.

Today I would ask that you slow down, take time, think through the problems or situations going on around you and respond to them in a proper and Godly way.  Lets stop reacting and start responding!